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Unfortunate Synopsis

This movie took a very simple story with a powerful message, didn't complicate it or draw it out, and the result was a great movie. Great execution -- a 90-minute story told in 90 minutes, without a wasted scene to dilute its point.
9 years ago
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Perfect length, its focused and uplifting.
9 years 5 months ago
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One of Kubrick's more accessible films, and mostly riveting to watch. Douglas is phenomenal, but the philosophical questions raised about death, brains, power, sentiment, bravery and cowardice in the face of impossibility are the real stand-out stars of this film.

It's like a Kubrick film for people that don't like Kubrick films.
10 years 8 months ago
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Comedy? WTF.
7 years 5 months ago
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Intense movie showing the egotistical political atmosphere of the military and how the lower class, non-officers suffer for it. This climate has not changed and still exists. If anything, it's gotten more intense and competitive. Kirk Douglas, as always, does a marvelous job.
9 years 5 months ago
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That is how you end a film.
11 years ago
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One of the best anti-war films is now on the Imdb comedy list? What the actual F?
7 years 5 months ago
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Seems to have been taken more seriously than it needs to be. Thought it was a clever, irony-soaked satire that ultimately revealed a power to move, and I disagree with people that call for an extra hour. It's a slim, focused, very well acted, bitterly amusing picture -- a minor gem but not the magnificent work that some seem to think of it as.
9 years 6 months ago
KaramAkerfeldt's avatar


100/10 would watch again so hard.
6 years 4 months ago
JCS's avatar


Very good. The military is more brutal than war perhaps.
11 years 2 months ago
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For me it's the first masterpiece from Kubrick, and definitely the best from Kirk Douglas
11 years 5 months ago
KaramAkerfeldt's avatar


Oh wow.
6 years 4 months ago
Ralf's avatar


Powerful and sublime!
9 years 8 months ago
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The futility and injustice felt throughout is wonderfully intense. Sensational performance from Douglas too.

In my view Kubrick's best "narrative driven" film.
10 years 11 months ago
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Ah, so great to see what a genius can do with 88 minutes - a wonderful, if bleak, anti-war film, told with a brutal but not hopeless humanism. Kirk Douglas is great as always, and the sense of moral outrage he conveys makes you wanna reach into the screen and start pummeling!
The final scene left me a little cold, and felt morally ambiguous - in the sense of confused, not the nice sophisticated sense, but overall it is great.
Would make a fine double feature with The Thin Red Line!
11 years 7 months ago

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