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tylerdurden's avatar


great fucking movie..
14 years 4 months ago
IamAtee's avatar


Best movie of all time ?? you gotta be kidding right , the most overrated movie of all time and its boring.
10 years 4 months ago
kaffy's avatar


This is only popular because cable channels run it non-stop for some bizarre reason.
10 years 10 months ago
Joker of Gotham's avatar

Joker of Gotham

One of the best movies of all time. Really Awesome. Awesome as F**k!
11 years 11 months ago
FernandaR's avatar


One of the best movies ever +1
12 years 4 months ago
JCS's avatar


A film has to be #1 so why should this not be as it is a fantastic film!
If another film was #1 there would still be people saying "WTF, this film called X should not be #1"...
12 years 5 months ago
chiaro's avatar


I can't think of any problems with this movie. Is it the best movie ever made? Of course not. But it is perfect.
12 years 6 months ago
Daaanaaa's avatar


I love this movie.
12 years 9 months ago
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I was really hesitant to watch this because I thought it would be really depressing and I wasn't really in the mood for a depressing movie. I'm glad I watched it though because I ended up really liking this and the story was not dark like I thought it would be.
12 years 11 months ago
viper_najem's avatar


This movie has changed many lives, forever. "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies".
14 years 9 months ago
Paulorsadv's avatar


Great movie, but very overrated.
11 years 9 months ago
Kamrado's avatar


Darabont + King = Masterpiece
14 years 1 month ago
EnggarB's avatar


Boring...it's a good movie, with touching message but .. overrated.. There are many movies that deserve better rank on imdb than this Shawshank.
11 years 7 months ago
mysteryfan's avatar


Many people might give arguments that this movie should not be the #1 on Imdb, but seriously which other movie can be it? If you consider sane people's votes, this movie might have the least haters.

@Ressa, really? Big Lebowski? that terrible bullshit? better than Shawshank? a single facepalm wont even be enough here
12 years ago
poiatica's avatar


Another one of those really overrated movies. It needs to be an hour shorter and then it would be great, tight, well-paced. As is, it is unjustifiably self-indulgent. Someone should have told the filmmakers to stop... like say, a good editor.
12 years 5 months ago

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