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The Searchers

08 February, 2012 — 16 comments

We have updated the website today, fixing some annoying issues (such as public lists not being shown on the profile page and minor edits of personal lists losing the previous ranks) and improving on others. For the full list, please check the…

The Short List

11 August, 2013 — 26 comments

We've seen some great list additions to our site recently, so we decided it was time to adopt a few of them again. In no particular order:

The Social Network

24 April, 2012 — 87 comments

iCheckMovies is about to turn three. To celebrate, we're introducing a major new feature. But first, let's look back.


The Unknown

30 September, 2013 — 17 comments

As promised, a new batch of lists for your viewing pleasure! This time around, we've chosen lists with lesser known films, a long-time missing…

There's no limit

04 July, 2011

Let's start this post by saying that we are blown away by your support. We couldn't have…


They Update Top Lists, Don't They?

23 January, 2011

As several of you had noticed, the folks at They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? had updated…


Top list quotes

04 May, 2009

Did you know that behind each top list icon there is a quote directly related to that top…


Top lists and compare seen movies

29 March, 2010

Although we received a lot of positive feedback on the new top lists, some of you felt we…


Tracking favorites

23 May, 2009

Since everyone seems so keen on finding out what everybody's favorite movies is, let us help…


Twitter extension now working as it should

23 January, 2010

Yesterday saw the release of the first 19 comments

Updated TSPDT 21st century list and new spanish movies list

01 February, 2010 — 18 comments

Video Blog: Adding your own movie lists

11 July, 2010 — 41 comments

Video Blog: Groups

29 July, 2010 — 15 comments

Video Blog: The making of a custom avatar

07 July, 2011 — 16 comments

Vote on potential future adoptions! User Survey Due Dec 28

04 December, 2021 — 51 comments
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