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Intermediate release

15 March, 2010 — 24 comments

You will probably have noticed that the updates have become less frequent. This is due to us working very hard on iCheckMovies 2.0 (which will be awesome). However, we thought we'd send some new top lists your way, as well as some…

More feeds, less bugs

08 February, 2010 — 24 comments

We just did a short update to fix some things and add some more feeds. Besides our news feed you can now subscribe to:

Updated TSPDT 21st century list and new spanish movies list

01 February, 2010 — 16 comments

A lot of people asked us to update the The 21st Century's…

Twitter extension now working as it should

23 January, 2010 — 3 comments

Yesterday saw the release of the first iCheckMovies extension. Unfortunately, it didn't…

Ten thousand users = new features

22 January, 2010

As you know, iCheckMovies is powered by its growing user base. Last week, we even reached…


New year, new update

10 January, 2010

New year, new update!

Hi there! We wish you all a very happy 2010! To…


National Film Registry

08 January, 2010

The National Film Registry released their new selections for their list ( 22 comments

Foreign lists

15 December, 2009

We know that you guys are passionate about films and really like variety in our top lists.…


No more ads and new and customizable lists

13 November, 2009

The addition of Google Ads on our site didn't bring us what we wanted: some hard-needed…


Fast messaging

06 November, 2009

You guys have probably noted that viewing your messages was at times quite a slow operation.…


Five new lists

30 October, 2009 — 13 comments

Fixed AKA titles

20 October, 2009 — 19 comments

Watchlists, disliked movies and context menus.

19 October, 2009 — 25 comments

Many, many new top lists

15 September, 2009 — 14 comments

A wider, better iCheckMovies

13 September, 2009 — 1 comment
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